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Recurring Dreams

by Bill 'Jambavan' Pfleging

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I. Trains don't seem to run anywhere anymore. They're just a pair of rusty rails out behind the store. And they only go about a mile or so. And the kids today don't seem to even know what they were for. II. I first rode as a fireman on the Mason-Dixon line, And I drank it all, from Ozark corn to California wine, Til they let me go in 1933. But I never lost the taste of bein' free to hop a ride. CHORUS: Cause I always felt the rhythm of the rails in my dreams, And I always heard heard the whistle in the night And I always looked for hobo fires under the trees. I was always lookin' for another ride. Yes, I was always lookin' for another ride. III. Watched the country grow, from Oregon to New York State, But that was back before I got too old to hop a freight. And I never found the time to settle down. I loved a girl once in Middletown, but she just wouldn't wait. CHORUS: IV. I can't hope the boxcars like I did in my day, But the train stopped runnin' through here years ago, anyway. Ya know, there's no more Erie-Lackawanna Line. So I just sit in this ole shack o'mine, and ride away. CHORUS: Cause I still feel.... And I still hear... And I still look for... I'm still lookin'... (Repeat last CHORUS and out.)
Rosalie 04:55
I. Rosalie, too many walls get in the way. Too many things come into play. But still the feeling stays. Rosalie, too many dreams have come and gone, Too many rights have gone all wrong. But the nights are too damn long. CHORUS: Rosalie, you never took my warning. Gingerly, you brush away my fear. Tenderly, you kiss me good morning. Lovingly, you show me how you care. II. Rosalie, you might not like me when you know. You just might not like the show. You might change your mind and go. Rosalie, now I've gone and made you cry. Now you oughta say goodbye. But still you wanna try. CHORUS: Lead Verse CHORUS: Repeat Verse I. CHORUS: OUTRO: Rosalie Rosalie
I. People need water, not weapons. Clear and clean, falling from the heavens, Filling our lakes, and our streams, and flowing through our dreams. People need water, not weapons. II. People need water, not war. The don't even know what they're fighting for. People need peace, and love, and sunlight from above And people need water, not war. III. People need water, not weapons. No more war dances, no more goose-steppin'. People need to dance, and sing, but more than anything People need water, not weapons. IV . Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om (4x) V. People need water, not war. Ain't gonna study war no more. People need peace, and love, and sunlight from above. And people need water, Not war. VI. Your brother needs water, not weapons. Your sister needs water, not war. Your children need water, not weapons. The world needs water, Not war. VII. Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om (4x) Om Shanti Om (4x and Out)
I. This old boy was born with the dreams of the old songs, Of ridin' the range and singin' like Gene Autrey. Watchin' Roy Rogers and Trigger right after Hopalong, I'd ride through my backyard prairie just like they taught me. CHORUS: Singin' Ki-Yi-Yippee-I-Yay, Yippee Ki-Yi-Yippee-I-Yay YEE-HAA! If I had a horse and a blanket, I'd leave here today. II. I played all the usual games that all little boys played. Soldiers, and sailors, and racin' our soap box cars. But I knew in my heart I'd be leavin' here someday, And head for the land of the longhorn and sleep under stars. CHORUS: Lead Verse CHORUS: III. Seems the older ya get, the more ya forget things. I don't climb trees anymore, or play with toy guns. But some things just never leave, ya know, I can still sing. And still I can dream about ridin' into the sun. CHORUS: Repeat CHORUS: OUTRO: Happy Trails to you.
No Alibis 05:29
I. There's no alibis when she looks in your eyes, She can tell if your love is for real. You can laugh, you can cry, tell the truth, tell a lie. She can tell from your eyes what you feel. CHORUS: And when look your love in the eye, And you say you'll never say goodbye, Your big baby blues will tell her it's true And she'll know it's no alibi. II. So be true to your heart, tell the truth from the start. Tell your lover you'll love her always. Take a dare, take a chance, take a leap at romance. Take your partner and dance all your days. CHORUS: Lead Verse CHORUS: Repeat Verse II. CHORUS: Repeat CHORUS Repeat last 2 lines and out.
I. As the morning chill comes creepin' through your room, You're still as warm as last night. As the mornin' light comes cuttin' through the gloom, I still see moonlight in your eyes. CHORUS: I don't wanna see the dawn. I just want the night to go on and on. We could make believe the mornin' never came. We could pull down all the shades, and you could stay with me. Pull down the shades and stay with me (3x) II. As the mornin' mist arises to the day, You cover me with clouds of gold. As the mornin breeze comes blowin' dreams away, You're still the dream I can hold. CHORUS: LEAD VERSE CHORUS: III. Repeat verse I. CHORUS: Repeat CHORUS Last line one more and out.
The Road 04:29
I. The Road goes ever onward, beneath my itchy feet. I'll dance one way, then I'll dance away, down some forgotten street. The towns all seem to look the same, like a string of dirty beads. I'll sing my song, then I'll be gone, wherever the road may lead. CHORUS: I don't know where I'm goin' Got no road sign showin' me the way. Got no way of knowin' If there's somewhere that I'll ever stay. If I'll ever stay. II. The road goes ever onward, beneath my itchy feet. I make my rhyme in my own good time, to some ungodly beat. The rented rooms run together, blurring through my mind. A place to sleep, and a bite to eat, and then I'll leave it all behind. CHORUS: Instrumental Verse CHORUS: III. Repeat verse II. CHORUS:
I. Well, it's a long hard winter without a job, And I never was one to be an unemployed slob. But there ain't no work, so what can I do, But do some dealin' just to get me through? CHORUS: Mary Jane, one gram or two. Mary Jane, what can a poor boy do. Mary Jane is what your money buys. Thank God we're in the land of free enterprise! II. Well, I never was one to take charity. I'd rather hang onto my dignity. I'll buy and sell it like Monkey Wards, And I'll mass produce it like Henry Ford! CHORUS: III. Well, some like it hot. Some like it cold. And some people act like they're never gettin' old. But me, I'm startin' to feel my age, And I'm never gonna make it on a minimum wage! So CHORUS: Repeat Chorus Repeat last line & out.
I. No water in the canteen, No water in the well. It's a long walk through the desert, and it's hotter than Hell. I'm so thirsty, I can't think. Tried to blink out a tear, But not a drop fell. No, not a drop fell. Gotta walk now.... II. Ain't rained in a year, Not a cloud in the sky. The spring ran out, And then the river went dry. I'm so thirsty, I can't think Tried to blink out a tear, But I just can't cry, no I just can't cry. Gotta walk more.... III. Nestle, Coke and Pepsi Drained our aquifer dry. Yeah, they took all out water, And now we gotta buy. I'm so thirsty, I can't think. Tried to blink out a tear, But I just can't cry, no, I just can't cry. Gotta walk more.... Outro: Last chorus repeat and out (I'm so thirsty, etc.)


I've been writing and performing original songs for 40+ years. This is my first official album of songs.


released May 11, 2017

Recording engineer: Jeff Crookall
Thanks to
Suzanne Garrett
Jim Marinig
Kevin Engbretson
Damon Thompson
James Prater
Deano Rappleye
And all the wonderful Snohomies, y'all are loved.


all rights reserved



Bill 'Jambavan' Pfleging Woodstock, New York

Bill has been a singer/songwriter since the early 1970's. He plays and sings his original songs in concert, as well as leading chants for kirtan. Singing ancient Sanskrit mantras over 6,000 years old, his chants have evolved into expressions of universal love. We find peace in the bliss of chant. Music is the vibration of love. Love is all in the Universe. So come sing! We are, indeed, 1.

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